Problems with passwd map in NIS (or YP), Need help/advice?

Problems with passwd map in NIS (or YP), Need help/advice?

Post by Ricardo Mar » Fri, 15 May 1992 16:33:14

Hi, Gurus..

Yellow pages master server is a SS2 (SunOS 4.1.1).

I added (In the master!), to the /etc/rc.local the corresponding lines,
in order to have the `rpc.yppasswdd' daemon present, and allow every user,
that wants to change his/her password in the NIS/YP passwd maps.
I have done exactly what the ... manuals say (System & Network
Administration, SunOS 4.1.1).

The results:
- passwd file in the NIS server is updated, but NIS/YP data-bases were
  not updated (Failed to run `make passwd' in /var/yp); even with `-m' flag:

  if [ -f /usr/etc/rpc.yppasswdd -a -d /var/yp/`domainname` ] ; then
     /usr/etc/rpc.yppasswdd /etc/passwd -m \
     passwd DIR=/etc

From the manuals, is is written, the passwd file for the NIS/YP data-bases
must reside in other place then /etc, and must not contain an entry for root.
(I understand why!), but here arrives the question...

How can I put /etc/passwd in other directory, and leave the other maps in
the traditional /etc directory? ( aliases, services, etc..)

We have a hetherogenius network, with SunOS(4.1.1) and Ultrix(4.2).
we have several Ultrix machines, so, How can I make the Ultrix machines
use SunOS maps? (passwd, groups, aliases differ)

Thanks for your help, I will sumarize the results..

--- Ricky Marek
Fibronics Ltd., Matam Industrial Park, Haifa 31905, ISRAEL
phones: +972-4-313690            Fax: +972-4-550550

Ricky Marek (System Manager)
Fibronics Ltd., Matam Industrial Park, Haifa 31905, ISRAEL
phones: +972-4-313690            Fax: +972-4-550550


1. SUMMARY: Problems with passwd map in NIS (or YP)


Here is the Summary I Promissed:

First Question:

        This bug has been known for a long time, but sun hasn't bothered
        to repair it. The problem is, it seems to ignore the first
        argument that begins with a '-'.

Solutions: (An elegant one, From a FAQ list of sun-manager)
        There is a bug in 4.1 rpc.yppasswdd that causes it to misinterpret
        the command line arguments.  A work-around is to add the
        "-nosingle" flag (which is the default), this shifts the
        arguments over one, so "passwd" is read instead of "-m".
        For example:
           rpc.yppasswdd /var/yp/passwd -nosingle -m passwd DIR=/var/yp
        Just to move -m to be 3rd argument. Some version of yppasswdd
        had a problem with parsing -m as second argument.

Second Question:

- Use symbolic links for the maps you don't want to move from /etc,
  That is, create symbolic links in /var/yp/etc back to the real
  files in /etc for the maps. So you don't get separate copies of
- (Or) Edit the /var/yp/Makefile, The `passwd' file may be located
  in any place, **BUT** don't remove /etc/passwd!.
  Look for all occurrences of "passwd" in that file, but don't confuse
  the instance of the passwd file with the passwd target for the
  makefile.  The passwd file instances all look like "$DIR/passwd",
  change them so that you end up with "$MY_DIR/passwd" (define MY_DIR in
  the beginning of the makefile...).
  Finally, change the invocation of the rpc.yppasswdd in /etc/rc.local
  to reflect the new file to update:
      /usr/etc/rpc.yppasswdd /my/dir/passwdyp -nosingle -m \
           passwd; echo -n ' yppasswdd'

  (describe the full pathname corresponding to MY_DIR)

All this thanks to:

 (I apologize if I forgot someone in advance!)

--- Ricky Marek.

Ricky Marek (System Manager)
Fibronics Ltd., Matam Industrial Park, Haifa 31905, ISRAEL
phones: +972-4-313690            Fax: +972-4-550550

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