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Information about CA-Unicenter

I am looking for information about CA-Unicenter from
Computer Associates.

1) Is anyone using this product?

2) Is it good?

3) How large should the site be (number of users) for
   CA-Unicenter to become userful?

4) On what platform are you using it?

5) Have there been any specific problems?

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1. CA-Unicenter, Comments please

Hello everyone,

I have a client that is looking into System Management tools.  Currently,
the VP of IS is swinging towards CA-Unicenter.  He would like to know of
any comments you would like to share, good or bad.  

If you have any comments on other System Management tools please send those
comments also.

Thanks in advance.
Ron Delpiere
Consulltant, Midnight Computiing

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