Message Queues max. limit?

Message Queues max. limit?

Post by Thiruma Val » Wed, 16 Aug 1995 04:00:00

        I would like to know the 'limits for message queues' on HP E 9000,
800 series server running HP UX A.09.0x. I need the following information.

        Maximum no. of bytes per message
        Maximum no. of bytes on any one message queue
        Maximum no. message queues per system
        Maximum no. messages per system
        Maximum no. of bytes of messages per system

        I'll be thankful if any of u can send me these information.

Thanks and Regds,


1. cron: b queue max run limit exceeded

The max run limit message above is often printed on our system console
along with a rescheduling message.  This is annoying since we run applications
on the console.  (No flames on this please - our budget is tight.)

What causes this message?  Where does cron print it?  To cron's stderr?
To /dev/console?  Is there a way to change the limit?  I am hoping that
a simple redirection of stderr in /etc/rc will fix the problem, but although
strings reveals that the message comes from cron, there is no documentation
as to what is means.  We run reports using the batch/at -qb command.  This
indicates that the message has something to do with the batch queue.  But,
we are unable to duplicate the message by queueing up lots of reports!?

Please E-mail responses.


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