mainframe-style data mgmt, tape mgmt

mainframe-style data mgmt, tape mgmt

Post by Edward T Spi » Thu, 29 Jun 1995 04:00:00

We'd like to hear from folks who are porting applications from IBM
mainframes, and who need additional facilities in the area of data
management and tape volume management...  catalog support, multi-volume
support, label support, data conversion, etc. etc.

This is a research project intended to produce solutions to these

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1. Tape Mgmt Systems (again)

I recently made a posting, to this newsgroup and others, requesting
info on what (if any) tape management software folks out there are
using or have looked at.

One of the replies mentioned 'Secure Tape Interface'. This is not
familiar to me. Can anyone point me at the supplier, or offer any
useful info about the software, please?

Also, if anyone who didn't respond yet to my original request for info
still wants to, it's not too late. Thanks to those who have already done so.
I'll post a summary of results back to the same newsgroups when the survey
is completed.

The original questionnaire follows. Again, please respond by email, to

------------------------------cut here---------------------------------------
what commercial tape management system do you use?

what other commercial systems did you look at?

why did you choose the one you did?

If you have implemented your own solution,
        - is it available to us?
        - at what cost?

what features does your tape system offer
(please respond with the letter of each feature offered)

        a - tape mount requests
        b - tape cataloguing
        c - scratch pool management
        d - network tape access
        e - volume label processing     f - multi-volume file support
        g- tape scanning utilities
        h - tape-to-tape copying
        i - external format conversion

other features supported not mentioned above?

what do you like about your current system?

what do you dislike about your current system?

Thank you for taking time to respond to this request.

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