cops security report questions

cops security report questions

Post by Ken Weaverli » Fri, 18 Jan 1991 11:42:42

Just got the latest cops package and installed it on my system. It pointed
out quite a few things, some of which I have questions on why...

First, the prelims. The systems are AT&T Sys V/386 boxes. These boxes are
NOT on the net yet, the account I'm posting on is a student account at the
U of Del. (So if I have a glaring problem, don't think you can exploit it! :-)

1) Disk devices world readable. I can understand why this is a problem. I
   have already changed this but was wondering why the manufacturer (Prime)
   shipped it with the disk devices as 644...

2) "uudecode creates set uid files" OK, I checked this and it will create
    a 4755 file, but owned by me. (uudecode is NOT setuid to uucp). Why is
    this a problem? I got source to uude/encode from uunet a year or two
    ago and compiled it. It isn't a vendor supplied program on this box.

3)  /usr/spool/uucp and /usr/spool/uucppublic are 777... OK, this looks
    weird even to a thick person like me. But this is how it was shipped.
    Is there a reason to the madness here?  All programs that I can think
    of that need to get in there (uucico, uux, etc) are setuid to uucp,
    so I see no need for it to be 777. Would changing to 775 or 770 break
    anything (I am running HDB uucp...)

I really appreciate this program. Being force to be a jack-of-all trades
(admin for UNIX, PRIMOS, MS/DOS, and MACINTOSH networks) I really appreciate
any help available.

Thanks for any help (and happy World War III -- let's pray it's a quick
and not too *y one and that some good will come out of this in the end...)



cops security report questions

Post by Steve Rik » Sat, 19 Jan 1991 03:53:56

Sorry to waste bandwith, but where can we get the cops package
via ftp?


cops security report questions

Post by Dan Farm » Sat, 19 Jan 1991 08:07:08

>Sorry to waste bandwith, but where can we get the cops package
>via ftp?

  My personal stash of version 1.02 is at, in
~ftp/pub/cops/1.02 (or 1.01 if you like old code); version 1.01 is available
on, etc.  Version 1.03, which will include a full rewrite in
perl (as well as the shell sources), will be sent to comp.unix.sources in
the next month or two.

 -- dan


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list of checks?

Cheers. --grish
   Dr. David D. Grisham, Security Admin. Phone (505) 277-8032 FAX 277-8101

   Univ. of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM 87131

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