Suggestions Please

Suggestions Please

Post by James F. Hur » Thu, 02 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I need some advice on possible UNIX administrators seminars and
courses that may be upcoming.  I am presently a programmer/analyst for
an Internet marketing firm and have basic UNIX skills.  I need to
expand my knowledge to help with the system administration and other
basic UNIX admin tasks.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
I am located in Jacksonville, Florida and Southeastern region is


1. Possible Netowrk Setup -- Suggestions Please

I am not new to the networking world or Linux, but I am looking for a little
input in this instance.  What I'm essentially trying to do is get a
locked-down network that is very secure and uses all services through a
central gateway, services such as DNS, Apache, NIS, NFS, Samba, NAT, and IP
Filtering.  Now my first question is:  is this set-up feasible from a
security perspective and/or feasiblity in setup on a gateway machine?

DNS - Allow all internal machines to use this server as a name server and an
outside name (ie. query the internal server to resolve names on the
internet) caching server.
Apache - Allow only internal machines to access this service.
NIS - Allow only internal machines to access this service.
NFS - only internal machines.
Samba - only internal machines.
NAT - "Masquerade" internal machines on the internet.
IP Filtering - Firewalling rules which drop any requests to the gateway
except for the above services to the internal net.

Now I've heard arguments about putting this particular mixture of services
on one machine, especially a gateway/firewall.  Can someone substantiate
this advice?

I will also be doing some port forwarding in the near future to distribute
some services offered by this one machine.

So can anyone share their thoughts on such a setup ... positive and/or

Thank you,
Dan Serban

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