UUCP over X25

UUCP over X25

Post by Rizwan Ali Kh » Tue, 04 Jul 1995 04:00:00

I am posting this for my friend, he doesn't have net access right now.

One of my friend wants to install UUCP over X25 (don't know why?).
He desperately need some information how to do this. I'll very thank
full if anybody can give me some pointers (books/articles/tutorials).
Specifically UUCP g and f protocols are of particular interest. He is
using SUN workstations.

Thanks in advance,

R.A Khan
PPE-Division, CERN
CH1211, Geneva 23


1. X.25,X25,x25,x.15 - I still haven't found any.

Greetings, Miguel.

The questions of X.25 for linux comes back from time to time. There
DOES seam to demand for it.

I personnally see 3 possible applications-
- I've 'heard' somewhere that, in certain east-European countries-
X.25 is real cheap, and readily available. (Can somebody confirm/deny
 Any way, I think X.25 is still more available in 'developing
countries, than IP)

This would make X.25 a good means of transport for IP-connectivity in
those places.

- connectivity to international VANs like BT/MCI or infonet.

- X.25 seams to me a good starting-point towards frame-relais (as
means to connect to the internet).

Anyway, it would expand linux into the world of WAN. (where now it is
-with the exception of HAM- mainly LAN and/or  IP based)

Not as far as I know, but let's see what ther already is available:

OSI-layer 1:
Anybody know of drivers for X.25 cards.

OSI layer 2:
- For LAN-based X.25, LLC is already available. (althou minimal)
- For HDLC, I don't think anything is already available. (Althou,
AFAIK, HDLC is quite simular to LLC-2, correct me if I'm wrong)
- X.32 (dailup hdlc):is there a need for this?  (perhaps for tempory
connections to the internet - IP-over-X.25)

OSI layer 3:
- X.25 should have to be writen completely.

Althou, AX.25 already does exist. (I not quite sure, but AFAIK, ax.25
isn't al that different from x.25: the addressing is differrent and
ax.25 only uses a subset of HDLC and X.25, right?)

And, while we are at it, doe anybody know the possition of X.25
compaired to X.223 (OSI Connection Oriented Network Protocol)

- routing: althou application of X.25 routing is thinkable (e.g. when
using both ethernet/llc2 and HDLC), I doubt X.25-routing  is that

- upper OSI layers:

- at a german ftp-site (I forgot where), I've come across a package
for X3/X29 PAD (althou for sun).

- IP-encapsulation; I know there is rfc for multi-protocol
(IP/CLNP/SNAP) encapsulation in X.25 and ISDN (rfc-number 1300-and
odd, if I remember correctly). So I guess -somewhere- there is code

- further, the isode-tools: vtp, ftam, X.400, X.500 etc. (but, you
don't need X.25 for that, IP/rffc 1006 works also).

I would personaly like to assist in a X.25/linux project, but -before
that- I still have to come to get to grips with the internal
network-code of linux).

A document describing the general overview of the network-code would
be welcome (e.g. what's al this 'sk_buff' stuff, or 'where does the
data of a 'socket', 'connect' or  'write' enter the kernel

Cheerio! Kr. Bonne

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