NNTPD on a gateway?

NNTPD on a gateway?

Post by n.. » Wed, 01 Mar 1995 12:20:30

A site I'm working with would like to be able to nntp in the "article at a
time" mode, but they want all their traffic to pass through a gateway machine
before going to/from their internet provider.  Is this possible?

In other words a client workstation would converse with the gateway, the
gateway would converse with the ISP and visa versa.


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1. The Great gateway Train or how to gateway behind the gateway

OK, its a silly subject line but does actually describe what I want to

To Summarize a litte:

I'm too chicken to match wits with prospective hackers directly but I
still want to play around with firewalling and iptables.

For some time now, I've run a home network semi-safely gaurded by a
hardware firewall/dslrouter.  A NETGEAR FN314.  Once I'd gone around
with NETGEAR tech people a few times I got it setup like I wanted, and
have had no problems.

I did this because I felt it was too labor intensive and time
consuming trying to keep up with security thru iptables firewall
rules, and devoting a full machine to it.  I'm not that good at it and
was constantly making foibles that could have had serious
repercussions.  This hardware solution sets there the size of a book,
no noise and quietly rejects all kinds of taps daily.

However, and here is the rub, now I want to tinker with iptables and
build up my knowledge of networking and security.  I want to do it
semi-safely ensconsed behind this firewall.  In short, now I want to
tinker as opposed to having to have a real working firewall to take
care of.

So I'm thinking I could set it up so that one local network machine is
pointed at an experimental box as its gateway.   That box inturn is
pointed to the firewall as gateway.  So on the experimental box I
could mess with packets coming thru the firewall in  communication
with the one that is gatewayed thru the experimantal machine.  It
would be like being exposed to the internet to some small degree.

It wouldn't really be the real McCoy but would be sort of similar.
Allowing a way to safely try things out (or at least more safely than
without a firewall)

So, to the punch line and why I posted here.  I wanted a general
outline of how to do this.  Not all the nitty gritty details, but a
general guideline.  I suspect/know there are people here to whom this
would be done in there sleep.  So I'm just asking for an off the top
of the head outline to follow.

My setup is 5 networked machines.. Two winX and 3 various linux and
FreeBSD.  All behind the NETGEAR firewall.  This is just a family
setup no commercial business involved.  DSL connected thru local ISP
and phone co.

The 3 unix variants are my personal machines, two are experimental
installations one is my main desktop.  One of the experimental ones is
a dual boot laptop running FreeBSD and win98.  The main desktop is
running redhat linux and has been for years. The second experimental
machine currently has Sun solaris 8 (intel), FreeBSD 4.5 and Debian
testing (woody) on it.

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