terms emulating terms? help!

terms emulating terms? help!

Post by Mark Ina » Thu, 11 Jan 1996 04:00:00

        Hi! I'm wondering if there is a unix utility out there
that will emulate a terminal so I can test software settings.
I want to test software's  terminal modes but I don't have
the model I want..so while I'm in xterm, I'd like
to be able to emulate odd things like a wyse50 and talk to
software that treats me like a wyse50 and see what a wyse50 would
see, even though i'm on xterm (or vt100). Is there such a simple
thing out there? please point me to it! thanks!

1. Term: Failed to connect to term socket... HELP!

After reading the relevant docs (Term.HOWTO, INSTALL, README, etc.),
I can't find a solution to this problem. After a semi-successful
installation of Term 2.3.5 under Linux (1.2.9), during 'termtest'
or while running term on the remote computer and local one,
trsh and tdownload work fine. However, tupload complains as follows:

   Term: Failed to connect to term socket `/root/.term/socket'.

I am running term in protected/private mode.
When term is run as a user instead of root, the same failure occurs,
with tupload looking for `$HOME/.term/socket', but unable to connect.
The socket itself is there (as root or user), and changing its permissions
didn't help. An older verion of term/tupload worked on my system, but I
need the new term working with the new kernel to make use of the
termutils package (termified Netscape, etc.).

What silly thing am I doing wrong or forgetting?

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give.


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