File Management Utility

File Management Utility

Post by Pat Colem » Tue, 20 Sep 1994 23:03:30

Does anyone know if there are any File Management Utilities available.
Something that can be configured to acquire/distribute files to different
systems.  That will generate messages indicating when files are ready or
not ready for transfer etc.Support archiving of files, purging, and disk
usage. Any help would be appreciated.



1. file management utility

Does anyone know of a text menu based file/directory management
utility for unix?  We are running Irix 4.0.5F and most users
login using a vt100 or vt200 emulator?  Mainly we need something
that will allow users to create, move, and delete directories and
to move and delete files.  

Thank You,

  Univ. of MD Biotechnology Institute, Information Resources Group

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