termcap for a televideo 825/850 Terminal

termcap for a televideo 825/850 Terminal

Post by Mike Junghan » Thu, 02 Sep 1993 05:40:49

Has anyone a termcap entry for this terminal?

    televideo 825/850




1. Need termcap for TeleVideo 950 (tvi950)

I have a user who telnets from an IBM VM/CMS system that
has a hardware protocol converter that looks like a
tvi950. When she enters my system she sees tvi950
terminal not found.  

The PC software has the intelgence to talk to the procol converter
so it displays correctly on  her screen. I just need for linux to
understand how to communicate with the emulated tvi950.

Its there such a definition, and where can I find it??



                              reply via email, please

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