Need help with Interactive UNIX's YP

Need help with Interactive UNIX's YP

Post by Trond Kand » Sat, 14 Nov 1992 21:49:23

I need help with Interactive UNIX's YP.

I use the sysadm utillity to install the files and configure YP.

I want to set up the maschine to be a YP-client of a SUN SS2.  Somehow the
machine starts to transfer maps (?) and after it has transfered 1 or 2 maps it
hangs ...
After a while I get a message:
yp: can't find ypserver for "domain. ...."; still trying;

Urgh !

The question is,- has anyone got an idea what's wrong ?
If I want the machine to be a YP-client,- it shouldn't transfer the maps,- should
it ?

I'm running Interactive UNIX ver. 2.2.1 on a AST premium 486/33 T.
Interactive NFS ( don't remember version ) and YP vers. 2.1.

I would appreciate if someone could help me :-) !.

Thank You !.

Trond Kandal.
System-administrator: Trond Kandal, Institutt for Informatikk, Universitetet i

"I never make mistakes,- once I thought I had made a mistake,
but I was mistaken."


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