BOS/RISC DPX/2-500 vol. admin needs help building a drive.

BOS/RISC DPX/2-500 vol. admin needs help building a drive.

Post by Mark Beck » Sun, 12 Nov 1995 04:00:00

I hope I'm posting this in the right place.

For the usual reasons, I need to build a bootable hard drive for a
BOS/RISC DPX/2-500 system.  This is in addition to the two drives
currently on the system (one is bootable and has the root partition
and swap space on it, the other is for users).

The drive I'm trying to use for this was salvaged out of another
system and had been formatted with a different block size than the
existing system.

BOS bombs right back to it's PROM monitor when it can't figure out the
SCSI stuff coming out of the drive.  So I have to run the standalone

Starting the formatter (format.std) from tape is trivial.  Knowing
what to tell the thing is something else.  This machine (MIPS-6000
based) is pretty much an orphan (it's at this academic institution and
there is no support.  Hmm.. *I'm* the support (?)) and I don't know of
anyone in the Boston area I can telephone and ask questions.

Is there anyone out there familiar enough with BOS/RISC to give me a
couple of hints as to what to tell the formatter?  I've done a good
deal of RTFM *it* tells me to "telephone MIPS tech support for
information on 'unusual' drive configurations."

Your time is appreciated..




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