Recommended Intel configuration for Solaris 2.1

Recommended Intel configuration for Solaris 2.1

Post by Jeff Pri » Fri, 16 Apr 1993 04:23:53

Has anyone successfully configured an Intel based machine to run Solaris 2.1
in a code development environment ? We are looking at setting this up and
we suspect that SunSoft's config may be a little undersized for a machine with
all the libraries, etc that go along with code development.

Thanks in advance



1. Recommended Book on Solaris 2.1?

We've recently purchased a SPARCclassic server
for which I'm the system administrator. It's the
first machine for which I've been the SA. Although
I have a 1GB internal disk, the manual pages weren't
installed during the automatic installation, and I don't
have AnswerBook running yet (a combination of software
problems and of not having a Sun monitor),
so I'm essentially without documentation. While I'm
solving these problems, it would be nice to have a
book written for Solaris 2.1 to use as a reference.

Can anyone recommend a title? I've looked at Sun's
printed documentation for Solaris 2.1, which I
presume is much the same as what I'll get from
AnswerBook. I'm looking for something that will
take me through the setup process until I become
more familiar with the conventions. (I'm reading
the UNIX System Administration Handbook; but it
doesn't cover Solaris 2.1 since it wasn't out.)
I'd like to find out what all those rc files do,
for example.

Thanks for any help. Email is fine unless you have
information you think the whole group may want.
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