problem : using meta-characters in setting user password

problem : using meta-characters in setting user password

Post by sandee » Thu, 05 Dec 2002 17:01:10

Hi ,

I am working on a linux machine - Red Hat Linux release 7.0.

I tried to change my password using "passwd" command.
I used meta-characters in my password. I got the following error message.
"passwd: Authentication token manipulation error"

If this is the case, how can I use meta-characters in my password and set it
using passwd command.



1. Command grouping meta-characters in Korn Shell.

The 'C'-shell has the curly braces, '{' and '}' that help group
commands together. e.g  ls  file{1,2} would cause a match
of file1 and file2.

What is the equivalent in 'K' shell ?.

Is there a list that details equivalent functionality between
the C shell and K shell ?.

Would appreciate a 'cc' copy to my email address, alongwith
net posts.


 Ramakrishna J. Tumuluri                                                            

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