unique identifier for binary compatibility similar to uname

unique identifier for binary compatibility similar to uname

Post by Dale Lew » Thu, 05 Mar 1992 04:09:53

     I have a heterogeneous network of *IX machines (Sun,SGI,HP,Mips).
I am trying to create a directory structure in which I can store files
which would normally go under the /usr/local directory on each machine.
     I intend to write a script which will create symbolic links to these
files in each machines' /usr/local directory.  In order for all of this to
be automatic, I need the script to know what executables go with each
     This is the directory structure I am thinking of using:

                          |                        .
        etc--src----------+--bin------------lib    .
         .    .               |
         .    . sun4--sun3--hp/pa-risc--hp/400--mips--sgi...

What I need is names for this bottom level of directories that will uniquely
identify binary compatible computers.  I am thinking of using the output from
the uname command with a -m qualifier.  On most machines, this gives an
intelligible response of what the machine type is (i.e. sun4c for a
Sparcstation 1+, IP12 for an SGI Indigo).  But there are some instances,
as with the SGI line that are binary compatible but have different cpu's,
and thus different responses from uname -m.  Is there any more succinct and
readable way to classify binaries?  Let me know if you've tackled this
problem.  E-mail would be preferrable, but post if you can't e-mail me.
   Thank you very much ahead of time.
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I am working on Solaris 5.7
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sysinfo(SI_HW_SERIAL, buf, 20);

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