posix4 and socket libs on hpux 11.x

posix4 and socket libs on hpux 11.x

Post by Michael Maxwel » Thu, 03 May 2001 03:14:21

One of my users requires posix4 library and socket library (I am assuming
this is the BSD sockets library?).  Upon searching the system for anything
that looks like it might be what they want, and also looking through the
OS install media, application cd's and extension packs, I have turned up

Could someone please tell me where these packages are located?  Are they
part of another package?

Searching HP's site and the net in general didn't help much either.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


Michael Maxwell <mmaxwell at spss dot com>
SPSS Systems Specialist
"Unix *is* user friendly.  It's just picky about its friends."


1. hpux 11 - sockets - listen queue problem


I have a problem when trying to connect many clients to a single server.

First a little background.

I have a server, that is implemented using just one thread. This is
accomplished by using select to listen to the server descriptor for incoming
connections and by using the same select call to listen to the connected
clients. This works fine. Initially, there is only the server descriptor,
but as incoming connection request are accepted, a list is built of clients
and these are included in the descriptor set along with the server
descriptor in the select call.

The clients try to connect, sleeps for a while if the connect failed and
tries again until successful. This allows clients to be started before the
server. This also works fine.

I have no problem with transferring data once the connection has been
established either..

But, I discovered a problem when doing stress tests with many clients
attempting to connect at the same time. The man page for listen says (I have
experiemented with the backlog size, the higher the value, the less
pronounced the problem is) that if the pending connection request queue is
full, the client should receive a timedout error message. This would have
worked just fine the way my clients are set up, but in actuality I have
discovered (through cout debugging) that the connect calls that have
problems never return ! I placed a cout just before the connect call for
each client and one cout just after the same connect call. The difference
between the number of "before" messages I got and the "after" messages was
just the number of missing client connections.

Any idea on what may be the problem ? The only special option that is used
is "do not delay send to coalesce packets", I do not think that has anything
to do with the problem.

Best Regards
  Rune Jarnes

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