Prometheus ProModem Ultima Setup

Prometheus ProModem Ultima Setup

Post by Eric Kozows » Wed, 24 Feb 1993 10:27:30

I'm trying to get a Prometheus ProModem Ultima setup under SVR4.1ES
(similar to SVR4.2) with little success.  I've gotten a 2400 Hayes style
modem to work, but no go on the high speed stuff.  Has anyone out there
set one of these modems up under SVR4.X using ttymon?

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1. prometheus ProModem 14.4 Voice/data/fax?

Has anyone used this modem successfully with Linux?  I have one of these
and am thinking about installing linux on my 486DX33.  The reason I'm
asking this is that the comm port on this modem is not set by jumpers,
it's set by running SOFTPORT.EXE under DOS and I have no idea whether
this might cause any problems.

Anyone else know whether the linux voice mail software for Zyxel Modems
works with the Prometheus ProModem?

Jeffrey Ziehler               I tried to get a custom license      was too many letters.

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