DNS and NIS under AIX 3.2.x

DNS and NIS under AIX 3.2.x

Post by Ted Levi » Sat, 05 Mar 1994 06:56:50

I've got some AIX systems I'm bringing into our DNS domain.  During
the transition period, I'd like to have the systems look first at
NIS, _then_ at DNS, to resolve hostnames.  

I know how to do this in Ultrix (with the svc.conf file), and how
to do it on some SVR4s (like NCR's, with the /etc/netconfig file).
But how can I do this under AIX?

Please respond via email, as I am not always able to read this
newsgroup.  I will, however, post a summary of any correct
response(s) I get.

Thanks very much,

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1. NIS fallback to DNS on RS/6000 AIX 3.2.x; can it be done?

|> >  
|> > >Is there a way to have NIS also search the institutional DNS
|> > >database for host names?
|> >  
|> >     Yes, on the server side only.  If the server /etc/yp/Makefile is
|> >     changed to use 'makedbm -b' for the hosts.byname and hosts.byaddr
|> >     maps, (the -b is the new part) then ypserv will ask DNS if it can't
|> >     find the answer in it's own maps.  As far as the client is
|> >     concerned, it appears to be still always talking to the NIS server.
|> But what about name look ups on the server? There, a /etc/resolv.conf
|> needs to be present, which means name look ups ignore NIS, go first to
|> DNS, then to the local /etc/hosts file. Clients look first into the yp
|> hosts map, then ask DNS, which means the order is reversed.
|> And what about slave servers? Do they need a /etc/resolv.conf? Wouldn't
|> they then need a local /etc/hosts file too? That seems to defeat the
|> purpose of NIS somehow.
|> Please tell me I'm wrong.
|> > - --
|> > - --

My experience is that you are not wrong.  I tried the suggested change to the
make file and found that I also had to remake YP on the slave servers.  So,
the slaves wouldn't get names from the Master NIS server but from the
DNS server that is not under my control.  This also made a mess when it came
time to rsh into different systems because on the clients .rhosts could use
just the name but on the slaves you had to use the name + the domain.  This
really messed up a lot of rcp etc. stuff that was being done on the net.  So
I had to go back to just NIS and eliminate DNS from my net for now.

I'm thinking of trying various domain names.  It is my understanding that
you can have the NIS domain be one additional part of the DNS domain.  (ie
DNS a.b.c and NIS nis.a.b.c).  I'm not sure how this works though.  Another
option is to set up DNS on the NIS master server.  This way the slaves would
get the correct name from the same host, although that host will have two
different files with the host names in it.  So I thought of looking at making
the NIS master server a DNS cache-only server.  I don't know what that will
accomplish though.  

As far as the order in which the clients look for names, I once posted some
direct quotes out of the system manual that said that it did it one way and
then ON THE SAME PAGE said it did it the other.  

This shouldn't be this hard, but I admit to being totally confused by it.  Since
no one provided me with an answer when I was asking these same questions a
couple months ago, I have to assume that no one else has solved the problem

Then again, maybe its a FAQ and I just haven't found it yet.

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