William Robert

William Robert

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Some of us are here because we're off our medication. Others are here because William Robert gives us a reason to live or because we have homo* crushes on him. I am here because of all three.

Court Orders prevent me from going any closer to him. Still, we are all united in our veneration of him.

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1. Linux in 'The Score' with Robert de Niro & Marlon Brando

A joke only us linuxers will get I take it:

In the recently released movie "The Score" Brando talks Robert de Niro
(playing an aging thief) into doing one last heist, but they need
access to a government computer and hence(?) to a skilled hacker. When
we enter the den where this hacker resides (only intermittenly bothered
by his caring mother) our beloved pinguin appears. Out of focus and in
the margin of the frame, yet easy to discern. Strangely enough, later
on the pinguin has vanished from the scene.
Anyone else noticed?
Yours, Eduard.

PS You can safely watch this movie; no Windows on the monitor that
would spoil your evening (looks more like unix in the eighties).

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