Problems with SUN IPC - SCSI errors - system hangs

Problems with SUN IPC - SCSI errors - system hangs

Post by Gardy LAvert » Fri, 13 Jun 1997 04:00:00

Hi all,

I am having various problems with an old Sun IPC Station, they are
as follows:

#1  The system will sometimes hang for no apparent reason

#2  The ethernet port (le0) will shows a lot of errors on incoming
packets, expecially when the system is busy.

#3  The system has been displaying SCSI errors in the last couple of
days.  the dmesg command show something like this:
-----------------   begin dmesg   ---------------------
 sd0:   SCSI transport failed: reason 'unexpected_bus_free': retrying
                                ""            ""
                                ""            ""
 sd0:   SCSI transport failed: reason 'unexpected_bus_free': giving up
esp0:   Current command timeout foir Target 3 Lun 0
esp0:   State=CMD_DONE (0x2), Last State=CMD_START (0x1)
esp0:   Cmd dum,p for Traget 3 Lun 0
esp0:   cdb=[ 0x3 0x0 0x0 0x0 0x14 0x0]
esp0:   Target 3.0 reducing sync. transfer rate
esp0:   Reverting to slow SCSI cable mode
sd0:    SCSI transport failed: reason 'reset': giving up
sd1:    SCSI transport failed: reason 'reset': retrying command
sd2:    SCSI transport failed: reason 'reset': retrying command
-------------  end of dmesg output  -------------------
What do those messages mean ?

My System configuration:
        Sun IPC (Sun4/40)
        12mb RAM
        4 SCSI devices (3 disks and one tape)
        SunOS 4.1.3
        Manufactured in 1992

I ran the system diagnostics (sundiag) several times, and it is not
returning any errors.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

GArdy LAvertu
Unix System Admin,
Food Directorate, Health CAnada
(613) 954-4909



1. Exabyte 8500 on SUN IPC SCSI problem ?

we just received two Exabyte 8500 (the 5GB one) and installed one on
an SGI 4D/35 and one on a SUN IPC under SunOS 4.1.1.

The one on the SGI is without history, just plug-and-play.
The one on the Sun looks OK until we try to write on it: for each and
every block sent to it, the console and the syslog file get the
following messages:

Sep 10 19:49:38 aisws6 vmunix:
Sep 10 19:49:38 aisws6 vmunix: esp0:    Target 4 now Synchronous at 1.924 mb/s
max transmit rate
Sep 10 19:49:38 aisws6 vmunix: esp0: Spurious data out phase from target 4

(The above come from the syslog /var/adm/messages file).
As I said those messages are repeated once per each block sent to the unit
(logical block, the one specified to dd in this case).

The best thing is that the data on the tape is correct and that no messages
are sent to the console or to syslog when READING from the tape.

The test I used was:

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/rst0 bs=16k count=4000 # 4000 * 2 messages on console !
dd if=/dev/rst0 ibs=16k obs=4k | cmp - /dev/zero

My questions are:
1) has anybody got this beast working under SunOS 4.1.1 ?
2) if yes, how ?
I guess the problem should not show up with older releases of SunOS, as
4.1.1 introduced support for Synchronus SCSI. Should we disable Synchronous
SCSI for this unit ? And how would you do that ?

Advance thanks,

        Achille Petrilli

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