modem on a sun

modem on a sun

Post by Brian Quan » Fri, 15 Jan 1993 07:37:48

Okay I give...

I have a telephone line that is shared between a modem and voice
(non-business hours it's a modem line, otherwise it's a voice line).

To control when the modem is active I have added a couple of lines
to cron to essentially toggle the terminal line 'on'/'off'.  This
works great (most of the time).  Every now and then the Sun
refuses to drop DTR (to disable the auto-answer in the modem) even
when the terminal line is set to 'off'.  A reboot, power down, etc
does not seem to want to clear it... but hopefully (at least in
the past) it clears itself up in time.  This says to me that
there is a 'lock' file or semaphore file out there that is controlling
the state of the DTR??? (Since a reboot will not fix it).  Am I right?
How do I clear this line?  I have tried the obivous, kill -1, check my
modem out to make sure it is really following DTR, etc.  

                Thanks in advance for any clues


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Any hints?
Thanks in advance.
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