ECC vs. parity memory

ECC vs. parity memory

Post by Dave Robbi » Fri, 01 Mar 1996 04:00:00

If I buy a SPARCstation 5 as a departmental server (no money to buy
anything better), does anyone have any feeling (educated guesses are
ok) as to how many additional crashes per year I can expect with its
parity memory?  Is it a mistake to buy this instead of a remanufactured
SPARCstation 10/
model 41 with ECC memory?  Our current 470 sparcserver has ECC memory
and has been pretty reliable.  Thanks for any wisdom on this.

If possible, please reply via email & posting.  Thanks.

Dave Robbins


1. parity vs. non-parity memory ???

I want to add another 16MB of RAM to my PC for running X apps.
I currently have 16MB of parity RAM on a SIMM-SAVER.

Should I buy a 16MB parity or non-parity SIMM?  Any suggestions
on who has the best mail-order prices?

Thanks, Michael


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