recover deleted file in hp-ux ( vxfs file system)

recover deleted file in hp-ux ( vxfs file system)

Post by d » Sat, 01 Feb 2003 01:39:35

Hi all,

As a quick way to copy files between two systems, I NFS mounted a
folder from someone elses hp-ux 10.2 (with vxfs filesystem)  on  /tmp
folder on my redhat linux machine. (which turned out to be really
stupid thing to do)

what happened was I frogot to unmount /tmp before I go home.  

of course, redhat has cronjobs that clean up /tmp folder every night.
One of those cronjobs use "tmpwatch" command which deletes old files.

You guessed it... because I had NFS mounted a hp-ux folder on redhat
/tmp,  tmpwatch went through mounted hp-ux folder destroying files.
And it turned out the other person doesn't have a recent backup. :(

Now I am trying to recover entire missing folder, dozens of files ..

I tried to use "unrm" utility but it only works with hp-ux "HFS"
filesystem not "vxfs".

Does anyone know a way to recover (at least a *y weeeny ) bit of
data in vxfs file system. I appreciate any help and messages of
sympathy :)