disappearing xterm windows

disappearing xterm windows

Post by Haim [Howard] Rom » Thu, 24 Feb 1994 01:31:26

Sometimes we have a problem with our X terminals, where xterm windows
die.  It happens when they are not being used for a certain amount of
time.  But:

        I have not knowingly configured the xterms (nor xdm) to die
        after a timeout.

        It does not happen on our Sun-4 workstations (running as
        workstations, not X terminals.  The user has to run xinit or
        openwin to enter windowing).

Our X terminals are either NCDs or Sun-3s configured to act as X
terminals.  They all run X11R4 X servers.

They are being served by xdm (part of MIT's X11R5 package) running on
a Sun 4/670MP under SunOS 4.1.3.

Almost all of our users use tcsh.  However, we always check; in most
cases of this problem, the "autologout" variable is NOT set.

Any ideas would be most welcome.  Thanks.

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