Wups, forgot something -- Re: [Q] global .login/.cshrc

Wups, forgot something -- Re: [Q] global .login/.cshrc

Post by Jeff Blai » Tue, 04 Oct 1994 07:58:03

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1. global cshrc/login file?

On a Sun4, SunOS 4.1.3:
I'm changing the way mail will be delivered to users.  Instead of
going into the usual spool directory, I'm getting Procmail to deliver
it into the ~/.mail for each user.
However, I need a way to get mail, pine, mh, etc to look at the
$HOME/.mail file instead of /usr/spool/mail/$USER.  
Pine, MH can be modified globally, however, I want to have the MAIL
environment variable set for each user.  How do I do this for users
with csh?  
Replies emailed directly to me are appreciated.  I will post a summary
of useful responses.
Sahir N. Siddiqui         Res: (201) 217-0952
PO Box 5176, Hoboken NJ 07030                       ))))

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