DialUps FAQ idea.

DialUps FAQ idea.

Post by Ade Bark » Thu, 14 Jan 1993 12:59:53

A faq would be nice, but each hardware/software combination
may need to be setup/configured properly. Perhaps if people
would start posting what they do on their site with an
adequate description of the hardware (computer, modem,
multiport devices, etc.) as well as the operating system,
problems they've encountered and how they've solved it,
someone could then compile it into a FAQ.



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1. 24/7 dialup(just an idea)

I think I've found a pretty good way to keep modem connections stable for
as long as you want them to(possibly forver :P).  When you call someone
just to talk, you usually don't expirience any "drops", even if you talk
for hours. I pondered agressivly for a couple minutes and thought to
myself.. what if modems would ignore ALL the errors and just continued to
stay connected? Could this be possible?


         The answer is 42.

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