postfix: ignoring certain uids?

postfix: ignoring certain uids?

Post by Georg Schwa » Mon, 07 Jul 2003 23:57:09

Can postfix be configured to ignore certain uids (e.g. 1 through 999)
for incoming mail or sent such mail directly to postmaster? I would like
to get around explicitely putting all the system pseudo users into
/etc/aliases. Is there some elegant way to accomplish that?

Georg Schwarz


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Maybe either permissions or PATH.  I did something similar, and for
testing purposes I put the print commands in a shell script, and added
that to the alias.  So it went something like :
In aliases...

lpr -Pmyprinter

chmod a+x myshellscript

That way I was sure postfix could execute the shell script.  Once I had it
working, I moved the script to somewhere postfix had read/execute access,
but was safer than /tmp.

Also, check your logs for any possible errors...Postfix is reasonably good
at telling you exactly what's going on.

- Matt -

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