Control Tools for binaries and source wanted.

Control Tools for binaries and source wanted.

Post by Steve McCool » Fri, 26 Apr 1991 06:05:07

My apologies if this is not a good question.

I am looking for a revision control tool that can be integrated
easily with make.  I need it to handle binaries and source in
traditional ways ( branching, multiple versions, locking, etc ).  It
would also have to maintain integrated source but seperate
binaries for multiple machine types.  I would also like to be able
to manipulate ( checkin, checkout, etc. ) entire directory trees
of source and/or binaries.  Is there anything out in the world
that will do all of these things, commercial or not?  I'd appreciate
any help or pointers.  Thanks.



Applied Computing Devices, Inc.


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Where can I find a good (PD) source control/version control program
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on several UNIX platforms and woked on by several people.  We need a better
means of managing this situation.  All suggestions MOST welcome.

Please Email as I don't always have time to read this group.


Brian Wainscott  | "I want to get so close to Him that it's no big change


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