CAE Engineer Vacancy - Motorola SPS - East Kilbride, Scotland

CAE Engineer Vacancy - Motorola SPS - East Kilbride, Scotland

Post by Tommy Kel » Wed, 14 Feb 1996 04:00:00

The Embedded Systems Design Centre at Motorola's East Kilbride plant in Scotland
was formed two years ago so that high-performance, highly-integrated 16- and
32-bit microprocessors products could be defined, designed and manufactured in
Europe for European customers. These products are aimed at a wide range of
application areas including data communications, high-end consumer, computer
peripherals, and office automation.

This small but rapidly-growing team now requires a full-time CAE engineer/System
Administrator to develop and maintain a modern EDA environment that will allow
the designers to operate at peak efficiency. As well as on-going support for
UNIX-based workstations, networking, and HDL/synthesis chip-design tools, he/she
would execute various projects to implement new tools and systems.

The ideal candidate will be an HP/Sun UNIX expert (with at least 3 years hands-on
system admin experience) preferably currently or recently working in an EDA
environment providing CAE support.

The role involves on-going administration of CAD software tools, reusable module
CAD libraries, and Unix systems and network engineering, plus specific major
projects to be executed in 1996/97.

Interested parties should send their resumes to:

Alison McAdam,
Motorola Ltd,
Colvilles Road,
Kelvin Industrial Estate,
East Kilbride, G75 OTG

Tel:  01355 565500  
Fax:   +44 (1335) 224441

Tommy Kelly -   Motorola,
                High-Performance Embedded Systems Design Group,
                Colvilles Road,        
                East Kilbride,
                G75 OTG
Tel: +44 1355 566038    Fax: +44 1355 246335