Training material (prefer ascii text)

Training material (prefer ascii text)

Post by Maryanne » Fri, 03 Jul 1992 12:55:28

Hi there:

        I would like to know if any of you netters know of any
training material for the novice UNIX user and also for system
administration that is public domain (not copyrighted by any
organization.  I need training material to put together a
training manual and also overhead slides.

        Please send your replies to

Thank you very much.



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I'm using a perl utility (fetched from net) that generates English text
file. But, when I add


on top and at bottom, to wrap the 'English text' attempting to make it HTML
document. It fails a Web browser (Netscape 1.1N). Why? and how can I convert
it into ascii text?

btw, file command indicates the file is 'English text'.


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