Dallas SCO UNIX Position available

Dallas SCO UNIX Position available

Post by David Lov » Wed, 17 Sep 1997 04:00:00

        My name is David Love with Intelligent Software Solutions in Dallas,
TX. I'm currently working on staffing a project in the Dallas, TX area
for a SCO UNIX Administrator position. All resumes sent to me will be

Here is a run down on the position:

UNIX System Administrator- Position will require an emphasis on hardware
and administrating a SCO UNIX environment. Activities will include
installing and configuring hardware and software and troubleshooting the
UNIX operating system. Will have to run 5.02 SCO UNIX diagnostic
software and will assist in the upgrade from 5.02 to 5.04. The
administrator will support 8 servers and 300 + workstations on a dual
ring. NT knowledge is a plus. Ideal candidate will have good hardware
knowledge and be strong on UNIX concept knowledge and will have working
knowledge of NT administration. Reference #D001-0897-0001.

I am also accepting resumes for many other high-level positions around
the country and would be interested in helping anybody looking for
technical employment.

Intelligent Software Solutions is a Technical Recruiting Company with
discreet practices. We do not advertise or give out resumes. We only
network with people in the industry. The kinds of people who are too
busy working to bother with looking through the newspaper for a career
change. If you are interested in a relationship with us, send me a
message, resume, or whatever. I can be reached at

see our web page at http://www.intellisoftware.com