How to log users dialing into the Unix server?

How to log users dialing into the Unix server?

Post by Leonar » Wed, 28 Jun 1995 04:00:00

    we will be allowing users to dial up into the office's Unix server.  
how do we automatically log the user id of the person dialing in, which
phone number, activities performed by the user (such as what files are
downloaded), etc?

    thanks in advance.



1. How to log users dialing into the Unix server?

I just started looking into the same thing myself, and found that there is
alot of good genernal accounts programs built in the UNIX, I;m running
4.1.3 sunOS and found most of what u are looking for in chap. 8 of the
system adm. manual.  It tells how to set accounting files, is suprisingly
enough very easy to do (unlike most things in UNIX *grin*)
Just make sure u add the lines in the corntab file for root, esp the one
that checks the file sizes of the log files angainst the available drive
space! those log files can grow really big real fast!  Also look in the
syslog.conf file u can add logfiles for specific processes there too.
As far as logging the phone number of the incoming line i'm unsure of how
to do that, if i find out i'll post it, or u find out let me know.

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