US-CA-San Fran-Sys Admin-HPUX-Recruiter

US-CA-San Fran-Sys Admin-HPUX-Recruiter

Post by Chen & McGinley, Inc » Wed, 13 Aug 1997 04:00:00

Opportunity to work in downtown San Francisco for a 6 month project.  

Qualifications: 3 yrs. of HPUX System Administration, Oracle 7.x DBA, csh,
ksh,            bsh, perl, awk

Provide administration, maintenance and installation for Oracle and HPUX
running HP9000 and HP3000 hardware.  Daily monitoring of the system and
support of developers and production users.  Unix and SQL script writing,
perform backups and recovery.  Install h/w and s/w, troubleshooting
Unix/Oracle issues.  Perform DBA functions like database object and
tablespace creation and maintenance, database size planning and upgrades.

Please contact me for an immediate response.  
Vonn Nguyen
Technical Recruiter
Chen & McGinley, Inc.
Tel: 415-544-9200x 126
Fax: 415-5440222

Chen & McGinley is an IT consulting firm in downtown San Francisco.  We are
ranked as one of the top companies in the SF 100 Privately Owned Fastest
Growing Companies.  Working with well-established and valued relationships,
Chen & McGinley provides leading-edge, high tech contract and FT employees
to many corporations in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Many of our clients
are high-profile, dynamic companies in the financial, telecommunications,
retail, manufacturing and other industries.  

With over 450 contractors representing Chen & McGinley in the Bay Area and
California, we provide them with many benefits and services.  As our
consultant, you will be eligible for medical (PPO or HMO), dental and
direct deposit benefits.  

Please contact me so that we can discuss your skills and find the right
contract for you.


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Erik Ribardiere
Chen & McGinley, Inc.
1 Maritime Plaza
San Francisco, Ca, 94111
tel. 415-544-9200ext119
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