Unnatural acts (Win95 under UNIX)

Unnatural acts (Win95 under UNIX)

Post by Michael M Murphr » Wed, 06 Aug 1997 04:00:00

Has anyone out there run into a similar problem on installation of
Insignia Solutions' SoftWindows 95?  I did an initial install and
everything worked fine except the CD-ROM.  After having renamed a link
(/dev/rscsi) that was preventing SoftWindows from creating its own
/dev/rscsi directory I did a re-installation.  Now every time I try to
start Win95 I get the error "The driver 'insignia.386' was not
installed properly".  To their credit, the support staff has been
friendly, but they don't seem to have a clue as to what's causing it.
Any suggestions (baring use of small/large calibre security systems)

Thanks much,

Michael M Murphree


1. FTP from Win95 --> UNIX --> Win95

I'm collecting data from my users daily.  They all have Win95

 General idea is that they send their files xxx###.zip  to some
directory on UNIX server (dial-up to Internet, FTP), where xxx is
salesman code and ##### is sequence number of the file for that
salesman.  I have  Win95 (or NT) at may site with dial-up access to
Internet, and want to collect their files preferably also with FTP.

My problems are:

1. I want to MOVE files from UNIX to my computer, i.e. remove them
from UNIX when successfully  transfered thus ensuring that every file
is transfered only once.

2. How to avoid problems if accidentaly sending computer and receiving
computer are active (FTP-ing at the same time)?  

3. I want processes on both clients to be as automated as possible,
preferably "single-click" icon on salesman's computer, and some
program in my office calling UNIX every  hour.

The UNIX machine is not under my control, so I have to do everything
from Win95 clients.

Every idea is welcome.

Ivan Zubrinic

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