Second Annual Network Security Conference (11/4-11/8, Washington D.C.

Second Annual Network Security Conference (11/4-11/8, Washington D.C.

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                  The Second Annal Network Security Conferece
                            November 4-8, 1996
                The Washington Convention Center,Washington DC.


Network Security is the place to tune your skills and find the answers to
the practical problems faced by security professionals.

Courses Offered:
Internet Firewalls 101: Introduction and Theory
Building Firewalls, No Theory, Just Practice
Effective Incident Response
Building A Successful Security Infrastructure
UNIX Security Threats and Solutions
Advanced Topics In UNIX Security
UNIX Security Tools: Use and Comparison
Mastering the Web: HTML & CGI
Security and the Web
Windows NT Security
Securing Solaris: A Cookbook Approach

Two special new workshops which are included at no extra charge as part of
the technical tracks:

        Variations on A Theme - Security In The Melting Pot
        Planning and Implementing, A Non-Reusable Password/Access System

Technical talks featuring some of the top names in UNIX Security:
        Steven Bellovin
        Matt Bishop
        Gene Schultz
        Marcus Ranum
        Warwick Ford
        Casper Dik

the SANS conference office at 1(719)499-4303.