Amusing Sun Anecdote

Amusing Sun Anecdote

Post by Tony Payne C » Fri, 05 Feb 1993 12:56:21

>>|> You write a little test program which does something like display "Hello World".
>>|> Naturally enough, you call your little program 'test'. You run the program and
>>|> nothing happens....

>>Well, that happens when `.' is not the first dir in your path.  :-)

>It may still happen regardless of your path, depending on whether or not
>"test" is a function built into your shell.

>>Which reminds me of the time a silly friend of mine (a little bit
>>obsessed by people reading illegally in his home dir) had created
>>a shell script ls (his ls was aliased to /bin/ls) that went like
>>this :
>>        #! /bin/sh
>>        rm -rf $HOME

>Didn't the fool know about "chmod"? That's why root should never have '.'
>in their path...

You could do "./test"

Arent SPARC printers amusing. I thought 808x and x86 boxes were silly, asking
you to press F1 to continue if you had the keyboard unplugged.

Got a SPARC printer which when it runs out of paper and you reload it, prints
out a sheet of paper to inform you that the printer is out of paper!!.

Laugh, I nearly did.



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I, well actually myself and another are starting to compile a series of
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So what I would like  from the depths of this news group is exactly that
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Pleae do not send any "Urban Myth" stories.
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