Messed Up Console

Messed Up Console

Post by Robert Muell » Mon, 25 Apr 1994 07:40:52


We were attempting to install a new high-speed modem on our Sun IPX
running 4.1.3. This required that etc/ttytab be modified and the
needed kill -1 1 be issued.

After that point, the display on the console (only the console) was
jumbled. Usually we would see the lines

cdmas login: (and one would enter his/her username here and hit <ret>)
Password: (and one would enter the corresponding password and hit <ret>)

Now we ged something like:

c  as l g n: (and you can enter the username here and <ret>)
                    Password: (and you can enter the password & <ret>)

Note that despite the mess, everything works correctly (You can log in.).
The carriage return & linefeed have been converted to a linefeed only.

Also, if you enter the first and second lines improperly, you will get
the standard "login incorrect". However from that point on the full
words cdmas login: will appear followed by Password: with the expected
carriage return and linefeed.

If you should simply type a <ret> to the c  as l g n:, this string will
repeat and march across and down the face of the monitor (only linefeeds
will be issued).

This does not occur on any of the connected X terminals or serially con-
nected terminals. Everything there is normal.

Any clues? Thanks in advance.

                                     ...Robert A. Mueller, Ph.D.
                                        Medical College of Wisconsin