Idle timeouts and user checking on SCO UNIX

Idle timeouts and user checking on SCO UNIX

Post by Mark Whi » Thu, 03 Feb 1994 08:36:46

We're investigating the issues of timing out idle users, and also
ensuring single logins only for each user across the LAN.  All of our
"users" connect to SCO UNIX machines via Stallion multiport boards
or Terminal servers.

There's a package called untamo which would do most everything we want,
but it's particuarly BSD'ish-- it calls vhangup() to actually log the user
out of the system, for which I can find no System V counterpart.

Additionally, we maintain a couple of servers, the user can log in to any
one.  We need to be able to ensure that a user doesn't obtain access more
than once, so we need to check if the user is logged in on any of the other
machines before allowing access.

This is currently being done in a sloppy aggregation of shell scripts.  It's
an important function for us, so I'd like to integrate it in a single package.

Does anyone use untamo or something similar in a System V (SCO) enviro?nment?

If we have to write something ourselves, what's the best/most correct way of
logging another user out of the system, given that they may have several child
processes (eg using more or cat to display a spooled report file) and that
simply killing the parent process has an annoying habit of leaving these
processes orphaned and unkill-able.

Any replies appreciated,


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