EpochBackup-ACL2640 salesman selling a white elephant

EpochBackup-ACL2640 salesman selling a white elephant

Post by Peter Maurice-Jone » Thu, 06 Feb 1997 04:00:00

now ive grabed your attention - perhaps you would like to read on :-)

Our backup solution is as follows:-

        software: EDM 4.3  (formerly known as EpochBackup)
        hardware: ACL2640 tape library (3 drives) attached to Sun server

o We purchased a second ACL2640 tape library (3 drives) to increase I/O

o We told our EDM reseller about this.

o They said we'd require a second licence for the library manager software.

o we asked how much this was likely to be

o they said 10,000 UKP (16,700 USD)

o we said but we don't want to operate them as independant libraries. We want
  to merge the units to create one bigger library and hang it off the same
  single server.

o they said you can't merge the libraries because the 'pass-thru' option
  isn't supported.

o we said Oh

o they sent an offial quote for the seceond licence. It had gone up to
  25,000 UKP (41,750 USD)

o Hmmm, we smelt a rat and investigated.

o thru our offices in Calgary we discovered that if you merge the libraries
  you only require one licence. If you operate the libraries independantly
  you need two, because for example, the libraries might be connected to
  different servers. On the strength of this we commisioned our ATL resellers
  to merge the two units. They also confirmed from EMC in the States that the
  merged units were supported.

o the EDM reseller inevitably found out what we were planning and have started
  to spook the ATL reseller, saying that it won't work, or it's not supported,
  or that it's illegal.

Can anybody out there tell us definitively whether:-

a) EDM supports an ACL2640 with a second slave unit
b) if it requires a second licence
c) if so how much.

Any info would be greatly appreciated (unless you're our reseller).


Amoco Services Limited            Unix Systems Administrator


EpochBackup-ACL2640 salesman selling a white elephant

Post by Curtis Prest » Fri, 07 Feb 1997 04:00:00

As far as the license, the price they are charging is gouging (sp?) as
far as I am concerned.  The most I've ever seen for a tape library
license (outside of Epoch's pricing) is $10,000.  Having said that, I
will say this:  Software companies price their jukebox modules based on
their value to you.  When they charged you whatever they charged you the
first time, they priced that based on the idea that you would have x
slots and y drives.  You have now effectively doubled the capacity of
the jukebox, and haven't paid for it.  One might say "Waah."

First, it is definately NOT illegal. You bought a valid license for an
ACL stacker, which they should have known had the capacity to have a
second slave JB hung off it.  If they did not explicitly tell you that
you couldn't do that w/o extra money, then they are out of luck.
CERTAINLY the jukebox manufacturer has no legal obligation to EMC. They
are just showing you how to setup your JB.  What you do with it is your

MAN THOSE GUYS ARE EXPENSIVE!  I will definately include things like
incremental pricing in my book.  Once you've got their software, they've
got you, so I can't believe they would gouge you like this.

I am currently writing a book for O'Reilly Publishing about enterprise
backup and recovery, and would really appreciate hearing anything
you would like to ask me or tell me.  If you have problems with
something, then others will as well.  Can you think of anything
else that should go in such a book?


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