Remapping bad blocks under Ultrix?

Remapping bad blocks under Ultrix?

Post by Bryan O'Sulliv » Tue, 24 Nov 1992 03:17:59

I have recently started using a previously idle MicroVAX II running
Ultrix 4.2; unfortunately, the printed manuals were sent to the
recyclers several months ago.

I am having problems with both the root and /usr filesystems; both
report hard errors.  When I booted first, the occasional process
swapping off the root disk used to die, but now the machine dumps
me into single-user mode because fsck complains about hard errors
on / during reboot.  Things have gotten so bad that I can't mount
the /usr filesystem to read manual pages, and fscking the root disk
and trying to use radisk to mark blocks as bad both fail.  Is there
any way I can save things without reformatting the partitions?

SCRG, Department of Computer Science, Trinity College, Dublin


1. HP9000/750 can't remap SCSI disk bad blocks

Dear Colleagues,

My HP 9000/750 with an Instantly Ignited version of HPUX 8.07 doesn't
seem to let me deal with a 3rd party SCSI2 disc that is starting to
show bad blocks.

Surely I can map out these bad blocks?! The only tool I have to do
anything on this sick disc at a low level is mediainit(1m), and
reformatting the disc doesn't fix or map out these bad blocks.

I vaguely remember that the SunOS format(8) program can extract a
disc's defect list, add to it and then rewrite it. I'm not sure at
what level this helps to keep defects out of a filesystem, whether at
the SCSI disc driver level or at the controler level. I can't find any
similar functionality under HPUX.

Would anyone know how I can go about fixing this sort of problem?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Sean Batt


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