I'll can't get out of my segment SCO-unix

I'll can't get out of my segment SCO-unix

Post by Rolf Janss » Thu, 30 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Hello why can't I get out of my segment my NT-server works fine but

1. Upgrading 'arad' Drivers to 'alad' on Altos 7000 running Altos SCO Unix

I am attempting to move a disk running Altos SCO Unix  (the Altos version of SCO
v3.2) to a new Altos 9000 Chassis. When the Operating System was installed I
used the 'arad' driver disk (AIC 7700 I think) that came with the machine. The
new Chassis has a backplane that uses the 'alad' driver (AIC 7800 I think).
Whilst the disk boots in the old machine, the 'no operating system' message
appears when I try to boot it from the new machine.

I have booted the new machine from an Emergency Boot & Root Floppy from a SCO V5
system, but it will not allow me to mount the hard disk file system, reporting
unrecognised file system (error 22).

Any suggestions as to upgrading the file system with the new driver would be
gratefully received. I do not wish to re-install the OS, and rebuild the disk if
I can avoid it.


Bob Dawson

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