CAP- UNIX/Mac xlate problems

CAP- UNIX/Mac xlate problems

Post by Steve Pitta » Tue, 09 Sep 1997 04:00:00

I've got a perplexing situation here.
Here are the specs on the operating environment:

Cap 6.0 patch level 196, Applehsare 2.1
on a Sparc 10 with Solaris 2.4

  17:38:18 09/08/97  Aufs version: 3(4) as of  Sat Feb 16 17:30:14
  EST 1991
  17:38:18 09/08/97  10 sessions allowed
  17:38:18 09/08/97  CONFIGURATION
  17:38:18 09/08/97   Configured: LOCKF
  17:38:18 09/08/97   Configured: Volume space information:
  17:38:18 09/08/97   Configured translation tables are:
  17:38:18 09/08/97    ascii: xlate on: suffix <any> and file type
  TEXT, creator unix

I've been sharing some databse files for a MAc app by putting
the databse disk into the Sun's cdrom and making it
available via CAP to some Macs. This works fine. On the
Sun box the CDROM shows up as a read-only, hsfs
(High Sierra filesystem). The apps on the client
macs can read these files fine. If I use an
app like "fileTyper" to check it out, the files appear
of filetype "TEXT" and creator "unix".

The files are genetics databases published by the
company DNAstar. They are sold with a product
called "Lasergene".

Now, to speed up performance, I want to copy the
databases from the CDROM over to the disk. But
when I do this something apparently gets translated.
Now I'm doing the copy totally on the UNIX box so
the files haven't been touched by CAP at this point.
I use UNIX tar to copy the dbs over to a ufs filesystem.
I can do dircmps and prove that the files are
identical (at least on the UNIX level). However, when
I make the ufs with the dbs available over CAP , the
MAc apps no longer recognize the databases as databses.  

If I drag  copy of the databases from the
CDROM over to a real Mac volume , then the apps can
recongnize the files as databases. So then I got the
idea to copy the files from a MAc hard drive to the
CAP volume by dragging them up. Still no good. I even
repeated this operation bu using FileTyper to set the
filetype to "BINA" so there would be no translation
going on.

Since I'm dealing with some databases here , I'm willing
to beleive that the vendor could be loading them down with
some characters that are getting waxed during any type
of copy operation to a UNIX filesystem though I can't
put my finger on it. As I mentioned, the diffs, and
dircmps seem to prove that the files on the CDROM
are identical to the disk copy. Its just when you
make the on disk copies available over CAP something gets

Early on, the vendor gave us some demo versions of these
databases which we could drag up to CAP volumes and read
with no problem. These demo databases were smaller and
owned by one of their apps. Thinking I could fool CAP
I used FileTyper to change the creator type of the
production databases to match that of the demo databases.
This did not work either.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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