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Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) is looking for a recent
college graduate to fill a fulltime Unix systems administrator position.
This position is available immediately and we are looking to fill it as soon
as possible.  ESRI has a state of the art network with over 650 Unix
workstations.  We are the market leader in the fast growing field of
Geographic Informiation Systems (GIS) software.  Our company continues to
grow and we are looking for a qualified individual who can fit into a
challenging technical environment.

We are looking for someone with the following qualifications:

        1)  Bachelors Degree in Computer Science or a related technical

        2)  Good written and verbal communication skills.

        3)  Good technical aptitude.

        4)  Good problem solving skills.

        5)  Can work effectively in a team environment.

Experience with Unix Administration is a plus, but not considered essential
for this position.  We will train the right person.  This position includes
full benefits such a health, life, and disability insurance.  Our technical
environment is first rate and we have one of the largest Unix installations
in Southern California.  If you are interested in this position, please
contact Bob Simpson.

                c/o Bob Simpson
                380 New York Street
                Redlands, CA  92373


1. Unix System Administration Positions Available

                              POSITIONS AVAILABLE
                          UNIX SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION
The  Distributed  Systems  Group  at  Bolt  Beranek  and  Newman is seeking two
experienced Unix system administrators.  This software support group  covers  a
wide  range  of  Unix  platforms such as Suns, HPs, DEC (Ultrix), IBM (AIX) and
Silicon Graphics.  The positions will  provide  operating  system  support,  in
addition   to   creating,   maintaining   and   improving   distributed  system
administration applications.

A successful candidate for the first position will have a minimum  of  5  years
experience  as  a  Unix  system  administrator,  the  second position 1 year of
experience as a Unix system administrator.

The candidate must have excellent C and shell programming skills and a  command
of the system utilities for at least two of the Unix platforms mentioned above.
A good working  knowledge  of  local  and  widearea  networking  is  necessary.
Excellent communication skills are required.

Skills in some of the following areas are desirable:
   - Windowing systems such as X, Sunview, NeWS and OpenLook
   - Networking knowledge in such areas as FDDI, Ethernet and TCP/IP
   - GNU software such as emacs and g++
   - Unix system security
   - C++
   - Familiarity with X.400 and X.500

Education requirements: A BS in Computer Science or equivalent degree.
BBN is an equal opportunity employer.
Please send cover letter and resume to:
Christiana Lancione
Human Resources -- ms 6/63
Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc.
10 Moulton Street
Cambridge MA 02138

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