Unix administrator - Southwestern Michigan

Unix administrator - Southwestern Michigan

Post by Deb Laaks » Wed, 03 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Unix administrator wanted to work in a large company environment.  
Duties would be strictly R & D.  Working in a laboratory environment.  
Need to do an independent evaluation of software packages that other
departments want to purchase.  Evaluate how they operate on the system
as well as how they fit the users needs.  Documentation of results.

Other duties include "playing" with state of the art equipment and
developing theories and process's for improving the companies overall

Great position for an independent worker, capable of self-direction.

4 - 5 years unix preferrably in an HP environment.

Interested candidates e-mail Deb Laakso, A/E Employment


1. Linux/Unix position: Troy, Michigan

To whom it may concern:

I am the development manager for a software company located in Troy,

We are currently looking for someone with Unix/Linux experience to
install/maintain computer systes in-house and for our customer base.
This individual should have experience installing and maintaining
software and hardware.  Networking skills would be a definite plus.

Any interested parties can fax their resume to (248) 619 0401 or
e-mail me at:

Please forgive me if I have breached any protocols here in the
newsgroup.  I looked around and didn't really find another newsgroup
that seemed correct for this posting.  I saw that someone else had
made a similar posting here so here is mine.  (Please direct me if
there is a better group to which I can post this request!)

Thank you for your time and attention.

Max W. Rubow

"Next time,  I will think to you about gravity,
and it's opposite; comedy."
Nino the Great Mind-boggler

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