LDAP and UNIX password synchronization...

LDAP and UNIX password synchronization...

Post by Schuyler Bisho » Fri, 15 Oct 1999 04:00:00


I have a Digital/Compaq Alpha 4100 running digital UNIX 4.0d where I
have the entire Netscape suitespot installed.  This is a student system,
and we will be using the messaging server for the student's mail.

As you may or may not know, Netscape uses LDAP for user authentication.
On the same box, we have users logging into a restricted shell to do
class-based tasks like compilation.  Because of that, we need to keep
their passwords synchronized, and thus allow for a central place for
them to change their passwords.  It is easy enough to point them to the
admin server, which allows them to change the LDAP password.
Unfortunately, this will not propagate to the passwd file on the local
host without help.

I would like to know if there are any good commercial packages, or
others that may do this automatically.

Thanks in advance,


Technical Services Division    
Collegis, Inc

phone: (407) 660-1199  
fax: (407) 660-8008

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1. Unix/NT password synchronisation

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Hi all,

I hope these are the right groups for this question... Apologies if they
are inappropriate.

I have a question based upon the following scenario (if it seems a
little vague, I can supply some more information):

A client proposes to integrate Windows NT client machines (both
Workstation and Server) into an existing Unix network (Suns running
Solaris 2.5, which will soon be running 2.6) which uses NIS+. The client
desires that the NT users have one login, which will authenticate the
user against both the Unix and NT networks. When the user changes their
password, both the NT and the Solaris side should be updated. The NT
users should also be able to mount Unix filesystems via NFS (or
whatever), and print using the printers attached to the Suns.


Does anyone know of any products/techniques for accomplishing this task?
We have seen products such as Netmanage Chameleon, SCO Vision FS, etc.
which would satisfy the NFS side, but don't appear to handle the
password synchronisation side.

If anyone knows differently, or knows of other products that could
accomplish this goal, I would be grateful to hear from you.

Alec Waters.

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