Post by Simon Brade » Wed, 12 Feb 1997 04:00:00

I like configure the ppp port on my tty2A port in the sco unix.  I had
configure my port in the file Devices, Dialers, System but it's not
possible for me to come in with the win95 tcp/ip.  

The pppd deamon running on my server.  

We like transfert the file by modem via ftp protocol and come in the sever
by telnet.

Please send at me all of the information for this subject.

Send me a email for the fax number

P.S. Excuse my english my first language is the french.



Post by Shahin Mera » Fri, 14 Feb 1997 04:00:00

Hi !
   I had run into the same problem a few months ago. The win95 dialup
conection (tcp/ip) did not work when I connected to an SCO-Unix machine
but it worked with our Vax. Apperantly the login prompts used by SCO
( Login:, Password: ) are not recognized by win95 but the prompts from
Vax are ( Username:, Password: )
   Click the properties of your dialup connection, select the 'configure'
option, then the 'options' tag. Then check 'bring up terminal window
after dialing'. Next time you dial your SCO machine you will have the
chance to login manually.

It works, but there should be easier ways.

Good luck :)
Shahin Merat


1. Configuring PPP on SCO Unix 3.2v4.2

G'day all,

I want to build a PPP-connection from my SCO box at home to our
computer centre in Munich. Using netconfig I'm always asked to enter
appropriete names respectively IP addresses for the following entries:

local IP address:
destination address:
destination hostname:

For Windows/Dos there is free and commercial software available to
perform the same things. Recently I installed the commercial PC/TCP
software product (from FTP Software Inc.) on a friend's machine
and it works fine. Following information is necessary for configuring
Dos/Windows-PPP to work properly:

IP address:        none respectively
hostname:          none
netmask:           none
default gateway:   none
name server:
domain name:
username:          username for the Sun cluster at the computer centre in

Hostname and netmask are dynamically handled while building the
PPP connection.

So what I did on my SCO system to achieve a working PPP was to enter
the following information when being asked by netconfig:

local IP address:
destination address:
destination hostname: dfvgate

The entries in my /etc/hosts file are  c4m4 dfvgate

I also updated /usr/lib/uucp/Systems with an appropriete line for dfvgate.
The file /usr/lib/uucp/Devices seems not to need any changes (so far).

What I can do is

$ cu dfvgate

This establishes a usual connection to the Sun cluster. No problem.
Ping instead does not work properly. I can hear the modem trying
to build a connection but when the connection is established
nothing more happens.

So what do I have to do to make things right? My experience with
networking is rather small, i.e. converging to NULL. Many
thanks in advance.

Additional notes: SCO Unix 3.2v4.2, TCP/IP 1.2.0, ZyXEL 1496, PPP driver
                  installed, no errors or warnings during TCP/IP startup



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