Specialix Rio PCI cards

Specialix Rio PCI cards

Post by Mick Pel » Wed, 12 May 1999 04:00:00

Can anyone help

I am trying to install a Specialix RIO PCI card into a Compaq Proliant 5500
server, running SCO Openserver 5.05.

Compaq system partition utilities finds the PCI board, but when I try to
load the RIO software when in SCO it says there are no RIO cards located.

I have tried to put the CFG files on the slot that the board sits in but to
no avail

If you can answer this, post the answer here or email me at




1. FS Specialix RIO card and 16 port Remote Terminal Adapter (multiport serial adapter)

I have a never used (in the box) Specialix RIO EISA card and 16 port
Remote Terminal Adapter (RTA).  This multiport serial adapter will
support 115K baud on up to 256,  full modem contro, l serial ports
with additonal RTS's.  Cables and docs included.  Drivers are
downloadable from Specialix.

This is an ideal solution for Intel based systems running UNIX..

Best reasonable offer gets it.


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