Will Tiny Term Plus work on old SCO system?

Will Tiny Term Plus work on old SCO system?

Post by Aaron Baughe » Tue, 12 Jan 1999 04:00:00

> I am not a UNIX guru by any means, I'm just trying to get a file off
> of out office UNIX machine which is about 15 years old.  We are
> connected to it by serial connections in the back of our PCs.  I
> have a program called UCOPYWIN that acts like WSFTP that goes in via
> the serial port and lets you transfer files back and forth.
> Unfortunately, the UNIX machine does not understand the ls -1 option
> (the -1 part).  I have heard of a program called Tiny Term Plus.
> Does anyone know if this will emulate the directories properly?
> Thanks for th help!!

Look on the Unix machine for sx, sb, and sz.  These are, respectively,
x-modem, y-modem, and z-modem download programs.  If one of them
exists, log in with a terminal program (HyperTerminal, Tiny Term?)
that understands at least one of these protocols, and use that to
transfer your files.

If that's not possible, kermit might be there, so you could use that
with any terminal program that understands the kermit protocol.  If
the Unix machine doesn't have kermit, you can get it in binary form
for nearly any OS.  Of course, you'll still have the chicken/egg
problem of getting it on the Unix system -- maybe by floppy.

If all else fails, here's a method I used a few times years ago when I
used a Commodore 64 to dial my first ISP. :-)  Tar/archive up the files
that you want, uuencode the tar file, and cat it to the screen, with
the 'capture buffer' in your terminal program turned on.  Once the
whole uuencoded file is captured in your term program's buffer, write
the buffer out to disk, and then reverse the process.  It's a hassle,
but as a last resort it will get the job done.


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