unix, modem and slip

unix, modem and slip

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> Subject: unix, modem and slip
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> Hi,
> I am trying to establish a modem connection between two Digital AXP
> machines (digital Unix V3.2c and V3.2d, Alpha 3000/300, /900 and
> AlphaServer2100). While modem connection is ok from an /300 to the 2100, I
> do get a login prompt and can log onto the 2100, the other way round (2100
> to /300) does establish modem connect but does not display the login
> prompt.
> The second step, after establishing modem connections with login prompt
> securely and reproducably, is to establish a slip connection in order to
> enable ftp or even X application usage from remote.

> Does anyone have hints or suggetions, hints on books or FAQs, or other
> information, that might help me resolving this problem?

> Thanks for your reply.
> Igor

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> Igor P. Merku

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Igor P. Merku


1. Modems, SLIP/PPP-UNIX

I am planning on upgrading the modems on my SunOS 4.1.3 server.  
Currently these are USRobotics sportster 14.4 modems connecting directly
to the serial port of the server. I need at minimum to replace the existing
modems with 28.8 modems, however, I eventually want to enable either SLIP
or PPP or both.

Having little experience with any of the above on a SunOS system, I would
like some sugestions.  I would like to have a modem connection that can
give the user a choice of working from the command line as usual or
configuring SLIP/PPP.  Security is a major issue so I need whatever I use
to have some sort of authentication.  We are running NFS/NIS and have a
large user base so I would like the authentication to work over these
lines and not just a simple 1 user modem password.

I know that PPP is perfered but SLIP is more popular.  Are there
DOS/Windows/Mac PPP programs like trumpet winsock for SLIP?  Are there
enough apps to support it.  Most dial-up usage will be from PC users
running DOS/Windows, probablly some Mac's and a few Linux machines.  I
will at least need an email, telnet and ftp client for all of these.  

Another concern is having a remote run X-windows (Openwindows) via the
modem connection.  I realize speed will be an issue.  Is SLIP/PPP needed
for this or is it a problem.

Currently, I only have a few dial up lines and a lot of users.  I need a
solution that will give me secure dial-up lines with network
authentication, ability to run X and run SLIP/PPP applications.

I have looked at seperate remote access servers that either have modems
built into them or you can connect modems to them.  Is this the way to
go, can my main SUN server handle these operations?

Generally, HELP!

and...Thanks in advance.

Please email me directly.


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